10 Ways a Book Strategy can Attract and Engage New Clients

1. Generate Referrals: You can recruit and empower existing clients to refer a friend, family member or co-worker by having them “gift” a copy to them

2. Enhances Your Authority: Becoming a published author re-enforces your reputation and credibility.

3. Tell Your Story: The best books inform and teach readers by engaging the reader with real-life stories. If you want to have an impact on a reader, appeal to their heart. They will remember and learn what you are sharing with them.

4. Attracts the Media: Newspapers, radio, TV and the internet are always looking for experts that their readers and viewers will respect. A book opens the door to securing  “earned” media.

5. Sells While you Sleep: When potential clients hold your book in their hands, you have the ability to present and persuade on their terms when and where they are receptive.

6. Get More Website Hits: Search engines (Google, Bing and others) reward relevant content. Launching a book-supporting website drives website visits. More visits = more exposure and visibilty to potental prospects.

7. Give More Speeches: Published authors are more likely to be invited to speak in front of groups (small and large). A book establishes you authority and increases the opportunities to give speeches.

8. Create a Tagline: Do you write guest articles that appear in publications and online? Did you ever notice other writers with a tagline… Author of…? Once you are an author, your tagline (and even book website can be right below your name). This builds your reputation and the likelihood they will search you out.

9. Books are Business Cards that Don’t Get Thrown Out or Lost: Business cards and brochures are often discarded shortly after being received. Books on the other hand, covey value and have a verified established retail price of $22.00 or more.  Hand a potential client a book and they’ll likely keep it, read it and they will know how to reach you.

10. Give a Gift: The 2nd weapon of influence by Robert B. Cialdini, PH.D.  is Reciprocation.  Give a book and you will earn the good will of your gift and the receiver will feel indebted to you (see video below).