While we are developing the wealth title, First Generation Wealth, we are completing the book cover. The cover will include a scratchboard image of a picture of the Balentine Packing House that was taken in the early 30’s. At its height, the packing plant was the largest privately owned meat producer in the Southeast, processing beef, lamb, and more than 30,000 hogs annually. By 1962, the business was a mere shadow of itself and sold for $1 million, a fraction of its original worth. Only a few years later, in 1964, the business went bankrupt. This is not uncommon for a first-generation business to thrive only to see it decline and fail in it’s second and third generation.

First Generation Wealth offers first-hand strategies for creating a meaningful and lasting legacy. The image we are using on the cover helps to start to tell the story. Below is the short video on the creation of the scratchboard image my Michael Halbert.