3-Step Process to Attract New Clients – Automated Prospect Generator

Step 1: 

What do you have to offer?  Ideally, this is something specific that resonates with a target prospect.  Often it’s better to focus in on one key need or problem.  If you make it too broad it will be ignored and you’ll lose their interest. Offering a financial plan might not motivate someone to respond whereas providing a special report that helps answer a simple question like…. Do I have enough money to retire right now might get their attention. People are time-pressed. Focus in on an issue or problem that might be troubling them.

Your offer ___________________________________________________________


Step 2:

How will it make their life better?  As quickly as possible, you need to tell your potential prospect how your offer will solve a problem or improve their life. Don’t over complicate this.  If you address one problem with a solution, your odds increase that you can build your relationship and bring them into the fold.

How is their life better? _______________________________________________


Step 3:

What do they have to do to get it? Whether it’s a book, guide, download, event, etc., offer a simple and easy way for them to request what you are offering. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

How do they get it? ____________________________________________________

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