LINX released and published it’s first book in 1994. This title (The 20 Gram Diet) has gone on to sell over 650,000 copies and launched new titles (and products) including The 20/30 Fat and Fiber Diet Plan (HarperCollins) and The Healthy Heart Miracle (HarperCollins). In 2006 LINX began developing and publishing books for individuals and companies that wanted to advance their message and grow their businesses.

In 2008, LINX started developing and publishing titles for financial and wealth advisors.  By building their book on the personal and unique services they offer their clients, advisors are able to extend their reach to their client’s friends, family and co-workers. The aim is to capture and share the advisor’s story in a compelling way in order to attract and engage new clients.

Founded by Steve Eunpu, LINX is book/product developer and publisher. Services provided include: book/product concept development, writing, editing design, brand building, promotion, web services, marketing and retail and wholesale distribution.

LINX has the ability to move at breakneck speed. Concept to books on store shelves has been completed in less than 90 days. We can work and deliver completed manuscripts to publishers or we can publish directly under our LINX imprint. We can even help a client become their own publisher.

The bottom line for us is that we create innovative books that change people’s lives. Our goal is to never to just focus on getting books printed and into distribution (Amazon, retail stores, etc.) … we want them to be noticed and have an impact. For us, nothing happens until a sale is made and a reader is motivated to act.