Q – How long does it take to write and have a book published?

A – A typical book will take 3-6 months for completion.  Sometimes is can take longer and occasionally it can take less time.

Q – I don’t have time to write a book… How can I still get published?

A – That’s our job!  We start by having a very clear vision of your goals and your story.  We build a table of contents (the book blueprint) and then we collect content.  We can minimize the amount of time you need to spend on this step by starting with reviewing existing company materials. This includes: your website, interviews, client presentations, newsletters, brochures, etc.  We use financial writers to draft chapters that are then sent back to you for review, comments, additions and deletions. Some of our authors spend as little and 1 hour a week providing content and feedback.  We keep everything on track and ensure your book is what you envisioned and on schedule.

Q – How do we keep on schedule?

A – We use a project manager called BaseCamp. It enables us to track the entire process and deadlines online.  You can log in any time and see the progress that is being made on your book.

Q – How do you charge for your services?

As a book developer/publisher we charge a fixed fee for our services.  It is paid in two draws (½ at start and the balance ½ on completion). Cost for writing/editing, design and printing are paid directly to contractors without mark up of any fees paid.  We negotiate on your behalf and ensure you are satisfied with all work provided. We provide a detailed cost proposal that if firm.  We won’t charge you more regardless to how much time and effort is required.  The only exception is if you ask for services not included in the original proposal.

Q- How much does it cost?

The total cost for a completed book (hardcover or paperback) can vary. The cost for development is between 30-90K. 30K for books by you (you provide the rough manuscript), 60K for books with you (we do most of the work) and 90K for books for you (we do all the work).  Printed books cost $2 – $5 per copy.

Q – Who owns the copyright and book rights?

You do.  You own all intellectual rights copyrights, design, websites etc.

Q – Can I be my own publisher?

Yes, If you like, we can set up an imprint that you own and control. This enables you either create a publishing entity or publish the book under  existing company name.