Talk to just about anyone and odds are that they will tell you that someday they want to write a book. The problem is, that each year over 175,000 new books are introduced into the market that you’ll have to compete with. If you’re lucky enough to get your book into a bookstore (and this is a feat in itself), you won’t be paid for at least 90 days AND you may not get paid at all. The book industry is one of only a handful of businesses that ALL books purchased can be returned for 100% credit and you’ll also have to pay the freight (both ways).

To achieve success you must not only have a great book idea, you must implement it methodically and strategically.

LINX can help you through the maze providing you have a book that offers value to the reader (and we can help you here also). Our services include:

  • Book Concept Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Book Proposal Development
  • Writing (including ghost writing)
  • Editing
  • Graphics Design (Cover and text)
  • Printing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Book Chain Representative
  • PR
  • Book Tour
  • Direct Mail
  • Book Community Website Development

Click here to view our Book Development 10-Step Process

We can act fast and we can deliver results. If you have a great book (or idea for one) that you’d like to see in print, in stores and in readers hands, drop us a note or give us a call.