Book Publishing Options

Book Publishing Process
  • Authors write (or work with a ghost writer) and develop a book manuscript. They work with an agent (who earns 15% of the book advance and royalties) to prepare a book proposal. The book proposal includes samples chapters, table of contents, competition analysis and marketing plan etc.
  • The agent presents it to potential publishers.
  • If a publisher wants the book they will make an offer. First time authors usually receive a small upfront advance unless they can demonstrate significant market demand for their title. Current advances are in the 5K – 10K range. Advances are generally paid in 3 installments (1/3 to start, 1/3 on submission and 1/3 on acceptance or publication).
  • The author (and ghost writer) complete the manuscript and submits to the publisher.
  • The publisher edits, designs and prints the book. They secure book distribution and pay for limited promotional tour.
  • Book sales pay royalties of 15% retail price of hardcover and 7.5% paperback. After initial advance is earned back, future royalty checks are paid every 6 months (3 months in arrears).
Publishing Options
  • Sell to a publisher: You supply the manuscript. Publisher pays for printing and distribution. Publisher may pay advance. Author earns a royalty.
  • Publish with Small Imprint (LINX): We develop the manuscript together. LINX designs and produces the book. After costs are recovered we split profits
  • Self publish You can write and development book. You can hire LINX or other book consultants to handle some or all of the development process. (This might be useful for the children’s foundation book). Low cost book would generate maximum charity donations.
LINX Services

LINX can act as book developer/consultant, agent or publisher.

  • Book Developer or Consultant: LINX finds and works with writers, editors, artists, designers to take a book idea and develop it until the book is complete and rolls off the press. Compensation: hourly, by the job or % of the project.
  • Agent: LINX acts as agent for the book. Helps with book process, proposal, marketing and PR. LINX earns 15% of total advances and royalties.
  • Publisher: LINX takes manuscript and produces the book and pays a % of the book to the author. Percentage paid depends on what portion of out of pocket expenses that are paid.