Stories move us. They engage us. They inspire us. Stories give us examples of how to act… and how not to act. The best one’s stay with us forever.”

LINX is a book/product developer and publisher. We offer creative services that help you uncover the unique talents and skills you have and turn them into a book or product that can engage and motivate a  reader or client to act.

LINX  provides professional author services on a fee for service basis. We assist authors turn their expertise into a book or product that can build their platform and expand their reach and influence.  We bring our expertise in writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and the business of books to you as mentor, coach, collaborator, and advocate.

Our expertise is in the non-fiction category with a focus on:

  • Business Topics
  • Wealth Management and Growth
  • Diet, Health and Wellness

A common theme we’ve noticed, is that the best books offer insights through short personal narratives and stories.  We can help you uncover the stories that can make your book unique, special and a tool to engage new fans and clients.

What’s your story?

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